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Subject: He Let Me Touch Him, Thanks to El Nino
Date: 16 Mar 1998 00:00:00 GMTI had seen him in school often. During lunch I would sit with my friends in
the bleachers and eat our bag lunches. Without letting on, I'd stare at him
running across the field in a lunch period game of touch football.
He usually wore his gym shorts and nothing else...even taking his shoes off.
The sun would make his smooth chest glisten and the sight of him would make me
fill my jeans with my expanded cock.
His running seemed natural almost effortless as if he flowed therough the air
like a sailboat glides through the ocean. There was no escaping the fact I was
mesmerized by the sight of him.
I tried to imagine him naked, his round buttocks flexing, his pendoulous cock
swinging as he ran and his full round sac of testicles moving opposite to his
body movements.
He threw, caught, touched and tackled. I envied those that were playing the
game with him..those that not only touched the rear of his shorts but grabbed
him about the waist. The ones who piled on top of him in a tackle that wasn't
supposed to happen. I wondered if anyone in the complex pile of bodies would
reach out and cup his balls, feel his butt, tweek his nipples or just touch
his stomach.
"You ok?" was directed at me more then once as I fell silent enjoying the
sight of him, the vision my brain had and the little emissions I felt escape
from my expanded cockhead hidden from my friends.
"You like him don't you?" Mark had said to me one afternoon as I stared at the
older student named Kyle. He was clothed that time, laughing and walking from
the school like the rest of us.
Mark was my close friend. "He's got a great bod" I stammered.
"You want it don't you?" Mark said and I looked at him blushing that my
homoerotic secret was known.
"I mean you want a body like that ?" Mark repaired his remark.
"Sheeee who wouldn't?" I breathed.
Our conversation went to working out, muslces, gym, swimming and stuff so I
assumed that Mark didn't suspect my masturabation fantasies.
"Want to come over?" Mark asked but I said I had something to do. That was
correct of course. I had to go home, strip naked and jack off thinking of the
sight of that gazelle like body I had once again stared at during lunch.
Winter enemy. Lunch was confined to the cafeteria or gym. Watching
Kyle play pickup basketball games on the gym floor wasn't the same.
"Let's play" Mark would say and we'd hit the gym floor and try to participate.
But Kyle was a year ahead of me..and his classmates played against each other
not with us lowly freshmen.
Fortunatley, in California, winter is short and soon, we'd be outside again
where I could see Kyle's body perform for me.
And as a freshman, I had three years to see him before he would graduate and
leave my eyesight. I never even hoped that I'd actually know him...let alone
play ball with him...let alone...well, I did.
It was a rainy of many El Nino had brought to our usually calm winter
days. Mark and I played some BBall at one end of the gym while Kyle and his
buddies were Lolita Incest at the usual.
Thanks to Mark's desire to drink his milkshake at the same time, I was soon
covered in it.
We hit the gym where I pulled off my shirt and tried to wash it out. Mark too
off rather then be late for class and left me alone there. I was waving the
wet shirt trying to get it dry and there beside me was Kyle.
I stared as he peeled off his shirt. His glorious chest was within feet of me.
I could smell the odor of him.
"You ok?" Kyle actually talked to me. I stammered something about Mark
spilling stuff on my shirt. I realized that my upper body was naked...and
hardly comparable to that of Kyle's. I wanted to put the wet shirt back on Lolita Incest
hide myself.
"Don't do'll never dry off. Here." Kyle pulled out a folded white tee
shirt from his bag and tossed it to me. He put his own shirt back on.
"Just get it back to me" he said and smiled.
His smile made something inside of me feel like hot fire.
He had left the gym when the late bell sounded. I realized I'd get a tardy
slip..and then I also realized that Kyle had intended on putting on the folded
dry tee shirt he had given me. He had sacrificed his own comfort for me. I
felt like a giggly teenage girl....and knew I had to get over this stupid
phase I was going thru.
"It's natural for boys your age to be attracted to all kinds of things..even
other men..especially when they have bodies or muscles" my Uncle said on the
phone. I had confessed to him. Lolita Incest He was my fathers brother and my godfather. I
could tell him things I wouldn't dare say to anyone.
During last summer, while staying on his farm, his son and I were caught
masturbating together. Instead of going nuts, he laughed and told us to do it
away from the house so his wife wouldn't be embarassed.
I knocked on the door. The freshly washed and pressed tee shirt was in my
hands. I hoped my hands which were sweating hadn't soiled the shirt.
"He's in his place..around back and downstairs" A balding man said to me.
I knocked on the basement door andit opened.
Kyle stood there, panting. He wore his gymshorts and nothing else. It was the
very image I had seen on during lunch period and thought about while
masturabating thousands of times...well, it seemed like thousands.
"Hey come in" his smile set my gut on fire again.
He was apparently lifting weights.
"You live down here?"
"Yeah ever since puberty, my folks split my sister and me up and turned this
into my place".
It looked like my room. Clothes piled on the floor, a messed up bed, a TV and
vcr which I didn't have in my room, and a weight bench. Mine usually was where
I put my dirty clothes...since I didn't use it much.
"No wonder you look so...." I started to say but realized what I was
"Hell I've been doing this since I was ten. they say you shouldn't start so
young, but my Dad did, so....."
"It shows..." I said looking Lolita Incest at him and smiling. It was too late to take back
what I had revealed so I let myself be honest.
"Can I....?" I had reached out a hand. Somewhere in my brain, someone else had
taken over and made me be bold.
"Sure" Kyle said.
My hand trembled a bit as I touched his round pectorals, his flat stomach, his
bulging biceps.
"Hey wait, look at this" he turned around and flexed to show his back and
shoulder muscles "I've been working really hard on this."
I felt the beautiful convolutions of the muscles in his shoulders and upper
"The girls really love this" he said.
My hands moved down his back and on his buttocks. He stopped for a minute.
"Hey we better stop, you're giving me a boner" he said and turned around.
I wanted to tell him Lolita Incest he'd been giving me boners all year long but I didn't. My
eyes did see a bulge in his gym shorts.
Kyle realized I saw it too.
"I dont' usually wear any jock when I'm working out at home" he explained. His
handsome face was blushing.
I touched his stomach again..and put my hand flat on it...feeling it's layers
of muscle, his breathing and whatever else I could sense inside.
"Why don't I show you how?"
He didn't recoil in horror as I pulled off my shirt. He taught me how Lolita Incest to use
the weights. As I lay there pushing the bar from my underdeveloped chest I
opened my eyes and saw him above me. His legs spread, his hands near the
weight bar incase I needed help. And in the darkness of his shorts, I saw the
silhouettes of his cock and balls.
"Looks like this is giving you a boner too" He said smiling.
I had underwear on under my shorts..but that didn't help. My crotch had
"Sorry man, I guess it's the exercise" I said.
"Christ man, you think I dont' know what's going on?"
His hand on my face felt warm.
"It's ok" he said as his hands moved over my smooth chest, his fingers gently
pulling on my nipples and his hands moving down across my stomach and under my
He let me slide his shorts down. He had already pulled mine off.
I trembled Lolita Incest
all over as I held his hairy balls Lolita Incest in one hand and hold his penis
in my other one.
I didn't know what to do with them now that I actually had them in my hands.
"Let me show you" he said and led me to his bed where we lay in opposite
"Do whatever I do" he said, his hand alread stroking my butt.
Building up inside me was one hell of allot of juice and I hoped I wouldn't
shoot it all over him.
But I lost control when Lolita Incest he put his mouth on my cock.
"You too" he pulled away to remind me what I was to do.
I licked, kissed, and played with his penis and balls using my tounge and
"You tighten your lips like this" he said and proceed to give me my first
I could do this, I knew. It was like playing the trombone which I did in
school. I tightened my embochure and squeezed his cock as if it were a fist
and moved my head.
I swalloed as much of his juices as I could...they shot like strong spurts
against the back of my mouth..making me gag.
"Whew, you were one horny fucker" he said wiping drops from his own lips. I
had spilled my cum into his mouth and didn't even realize it.
"Back to working out"
"You're doing that a lot these days" Mark said as he sat on my bed watching me
do bench presses the way Kyle had taught me.
"Yea, gotta shape up...wanna try?" I said giving Mark an evil smile.
That was Mark's and my first time having sex. I tried to imitate what Kyle and
I had done. I guess he liked it.
"Is that what you and this Kyle guy do?" he asked.
Somehow he knew I had been going to Kyle's house almost everyday to workout.
This had been going on for a month.
"Sometimes" I lied. It had become a regular thing. I went there stripped to my
shorts, we worked out and had sex then worked out more. Kyle had taught me to
relax as I sat down on his cock..and let me insert mine into him. We were
beyond blowjobs.
"You think it shows?" I said flexing my chest.
Mark reached out and touched me, gently tweeking my nipples.
"It shows" he said
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